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+++ 8th October 2014 – The full length film “Saving Papua by Not Cycling There” is available online!+++

Here is the film, enjoy and do what ever it inspires you to do with it. German subtitles can be activated by clicking on the “CC” field in the bottom right corner of the vimeo-viewing-window. Please share the link.

+++7th June 2014 – “Saving Papua by Not Cycling There” is finally completed+++

Ladies and Gentlemen,

after two years of editing, I am happy to announce that the last Chapter of “Saving Papua” has reached completion. Approx. 140 hours of footage that document truly eventful 11 months in 19 countries of Eurasia packed in 84 minutes of pure AugeFilms roadmovie.

Watch the trailer:

SCREENINGS? –  I would like to invite you to hold a screening of the film in your neighbourhood. If you are interested in watching the film with your friends and community, please contact me. So far, German subtitles are available already! If you appreciate the work put into this project and its right of presentation, feel free to leave a donation, if possible.


A big Thank You to André Voigt for putting a lot of work into creating German Subtitles for “Cari Hutan”. They are from now on freely selectable on the vimeo-file.

Cari Hutan – In Search of Forest – Ich suche Wald

© Florian Augustin

An informative documentary about deforestation and, yet, another amusing roadmovie through Indonesia! This film intends to look into the main causes of forest destruction, its effects on the country and, most importantly, how we can improve the situation.+++NEW: For those of you having trouble loading this version, the film is now also available on youtube in 10-minute-portions+++

“Cycling for Papua” – Istanbul New Delhi by Bicycle

This is the third and probably most exciting leg of our journey from Berlin to New Delhi by bicycle. This episode takes you through Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and parts of West India (Punjab). What had happened so far: We had a broken frame in Sinop, a town on the Black Sea coast approx. 800km far from Istanbul. We had to hitchhike/take a bus back to Istanbul to wait for a new frame to arrive (three weeks), again take a bus back to Sinop and reassemble the bike.
Actually we had intended to cycle all the way to West Papua, Indonesia, to bring awareness to deforestation. Watch the other films and read more on “Saving Papua”.

Jakarta Berlin – An Inspiration to Low Carbon Travelling – Trailer

© Florian Augustin

Six people left Jakarta, Indonesia, on July 21st to embark on a journey to Berlin, Germany. 108 hitchhiking rides, trains, buses, ferries through a total of 14 countries and only one rule:

No flying.

Watch the whole film!